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What can a Local Hookup Site do for Me?

I have a friend called Rolando who is just a complete mess. An absolute sad sack of shit, if you ask me. This guy can’t get women to give him the time of day even if he sets himself on fire.  I’m not saying that he’s ugly.  I’m just saying he has absolutely no game.  Now, considering somebody like me who’s a complete introvert and scared of going out would talk that way about somebody else, that should give you an idea of how shy and completely awkward my friend Rolando is.

Well, one day, he called me.  He was so excited that he hooked up with this Korean girl.  At first, I couldn’t believe it.  He was just telling me that he signed up for this anonymous dating website and all these Asian women started messaging him.  He said he just posted a picture of himself and his mailbox just blew up because all these women just wanted some hot Latin sausage.  Of course, I’ve heard this bullshit before.  I mean, anybody growing up in any town in the United States is sure to suffer through all sorts of bullshit tall tales told by guys who don’t get enough action, but have a big mouth.

So, all this bullshit went in one ear and went out the other.  I just told him, “I’m very happy for you, man and whatever gets you through the night”.  Unfortunately, his calls never stopped.  He kept calling me.  One day, he’s hooking up with some hot piece of Japanese ass.  The next day, he’s telling me that he’s boning some Thai woman.  For a minute there, I thought he was talking about like an all-Asian buffet restaurant that he discovered.  All he kept talking about was eating pussy and fucking top tight Asian hosts.